News from our company life

This year, we decided to share the joy of Christmas, not only inside of our company, but also with other members of our society – elderly people from the Panemunė elderly people day house in Kaunas. We aimed to support our elderly with at least minimally better living conditions for those who have worked, created and raised for us.
Pleased with the goodness and understanding of our company team, we have given a few cabinets to store clothes of elderly people while they spend their day in day center. While not in a major and dramatic change way, but still improving the quality of life of at least 8 elderly. Yes - this is not a new building with 5 star service, but these small steps lead us forward!

Fishing! How are we without it!
This year, the number of participants in the winter fishing competition was very high, and we are glad that the average age of our participants is decreasing! The fun was all around as, children playing – having fun, their parents’ joking, bonding and celebrating with music and dances all night long!




Young people seeking knowledge, bringing new nad innovative solutions to our daily lives are the foundation of our future and the opportunity to grow as a team, as a company and as a professional, not only in terms of production, but also in our company's culture. We are glad to have people who work with us from the company's business start, and those who are willing to join us and actively seek to find new, more convenient or optimal ways to improve the quality of our products, their construction principles or exploitation opportunities.

Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2019 SUBURBAN HOUSE

We are very proud to announce our fifth international competition for architects - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2019 Suburban HOUSE

Our 2018 tiny house competition gain a big media attention and became quite a hit. This year we are back with truly interesting project, yet it is still about the modular house, but this year task ask you to deal with fictional family characters to create spaces for their needs within a house. To add more, all of you will be playing in the same playground, we prepared an actual piece of land for you or your team to work on.

SUBURBAN HOUSE is the theme for our modular competition this year. You will have  a 12 ares piece of land to work and create the best possible house for our family of 4, which has quite a different needs, so your brains will have to really think on how to bring all four different personalities into a happy living space under one roof.

We would like for you to take a look at our rules and regulations file as it has some more details for your project - like family description, their budget, location of their land.

Worth to mention that your designed suburban house should feature modular construction which is transportable by truck.

In our Jury you will find: last year competition winner Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi and also our two time 3rd place winner in 2014 and 2015 competition Donatas Cesiulis! This time they will be working together with other experienced Independent architects, company's CEO on selecting the best 3 designs..

The AIM of this year challenge is to present a SUBURBAN HOUSE which fits the family needs and qualifies under other criteria presented in our rules and regulations files.

The best 3 designs will be awarded in cash prizes:
1st place – 1 000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 250 EUR

Here are the dates to be aware of:

  • End of registration - 2018 November 25th
  • Submission of the final work - 2019 January 28th 23:59 EET/UTC+2h
  • Competition results announcement - 2019 February 15th

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location: file in DWG format


For the ones that are curios, what has happened in previous competitions you could take a look at them here:
1. Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018: TIny House
2. Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2016 CODE: Restaurant;
3. Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015 
Competition for architects 2014

New cars

Change is good and we think our head of production unit Donatas and constructor Vytautas would agree without a doubt, who recently switched their old company cars to brand new and shiny bluemotion VW Golf! By buying  new cars we not only increased the level of satisfaction for these employees to work with us, but also slightly decrease our impact on our generated CO2 emissions and you know what saying says - all small things count!

Special lightweight modules for transportation with helicopter

Our partner client came to him with a very specific task of making light weight modular building to be suitable for transportation with helicopter for worker to live while they are setting up new electrical lines. Due to geographical nature and being in remote location the only way to get modular building there was to fly it there. Take a look at the video of how the end process looked like:

Ryterna module light weight modules transported by helicopter

ryterna module light weight modules Ryterna modul, modules delivered by helicopter


Looking back at 2018 so far

A long time has gone by and we haven't been updating our page that often as we should, so we felt like it is time to share with you what we have been experiencing during our first 6 months of 2018!
Let's start with the newest experiences so far:
We celebrated our parent company Ryterna 25th anniversary this year and met all of our dealers from other countries! We enjoyed birthday program and especially enjoyed an experience that was offered by the Dinner in the Sky guys!

Ryterna 25th birthday Ryterna 25th birthday
Ryterna 25th birthday Ryterna 25th birthday
Ryterna 25th birthday Ryterna 25th birthday

To feel comfortable during international Ryterna birthday celebration the one who did not understood English have learned it and could communicate with foreign partners with easy during Ryterna birthday
Ryterna modul learning english

In 2018 RESTA exhibition we introduced the actual project that won 2016 year Ryterna modul Architectural challenge Code: restaurant competition and invited project architects to see their creation in real life!
Ryterna modul RESTA 2018 Architectural challenge CODE: Restaurant 2016 winner work turn into real project

We celebrated Eastern with huge egg at Josvainiai assembly line!

Ryterna modul Eastern Ryterna modul Eastern

And finally we dance into the night during Christmas eve and New Year celebration party!

Ryterna Christmas eve and New Year Ryterna Christmas eve and New Year
Ryterna Christmas eve and New Year Ryterna Christmas eve and New Year


Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE Winners


It's sad... That it's over.
But hell! WE have WINNERS to announce!!!

All things, good or bad eventually come to the end. No exception and our competition. Sadly, today it ends for us with Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE. But happily we have winners to announce! And this is the moment you all been waiting for!

We had big board of jury this year. And all of them there pretty different - some of them there very technical, some of them there dreamers and some there somewhere in the middle, but eventually, after long debates, bunch of theories, approvals and denials we came to the conclusion and managed to select best works from all of those 150 submitted projects.

I bet you can not wait no more! So here we GO!

Ryterna modul architectural challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE winners

1st place:Ryterna modul Architectural challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE - Wavehouse

2nd place:
24052705 - Julia & Stas Kaptur

3rd place:Ryterna modul Architectural challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE

Honorable mention:Ryterna modul Architectural challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE

CONGRATULATIONS from all of Ryterna modul team, as well as from all of jury members!

What's next? All the winners will be contacted in person via e-mail in which you will find details on further steps.

We sincerely want to thank you all, for taking part in our competition. Please take a look at the video (see below) were you will find what jury had to say about the projects that won.

We hope to see you all taking part in next year competition. Which will be the 5th annual international competition! We can not believe it ourselfs, that we all together made it so far!

Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018 TINY HOUSE winners

This is why our competition winners took part in our competition and brief information about them:
1st place winner:
"The attractiveness, novelty of the subject and small scale of this project interested me to work on it." - With respect, Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi.

Abdolrahman a 30 years old from Iran. Graduated from Islamic Azad University of Mahabad and received Masters Degree in Architecture, and he is currently an architect and has established his own architecture office - BAO 

2nd place winners:
"We've taken part in Ryterna Module Competition, because it is a big dream to create spaces in picturesque hard-to-reach places, such as a river bank, or deep-deep forest. Also we like the scale of project, it possible to design it with nice details. We like such fact, that organizer of competition is a building company, that has opportunity to realize projects of architects." - Julia and Stas Kaptur.


Julia Kaptur,  a 29 years old, architect, partner of ceramic studio "Fira Project", author of theTelegram chanel "Fragments".

Stas Kaptur,  a 29 years old, architect in bureau "Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners", Moscow.

3rd place winner:
"This year Ryterna modul Competition created a great opportunity for me to explore and contribute my ideas to tiny house movement" - William Samin.

William Samin, a 23 years old. Graduated and earned bachelor's degree in architecture from North Sumatera University, Indonesia (LinkedIn)

Honorable mention:
"The program and the scale of this project allow architects to develop their architectural philosophies and methodologies in the design process. Additionally, concentrating on a modular dwelling space inspires architects to rethink and reveal the atmospheric potential while people completely neglect the familiar circumstance around them in everyday life." - Clarence Zichen Qian.

Originally from China, he received his Master of Architecture from University of Waterloo, School of Architecture. Currently he is working at Quadrangle Architects in Toronto and is in pursuit of becoming a registered architect in Canada.


THANK YOU for being part of our yearly competition and we hope to see you next year in our upcoming new competition!

Traditional summer fishing games

As it is our tradition, each year we organize two fishing tournaments, first one happens in winter, on a frozen lake, and the second one is always at the end of August. This year as no exception we organized and successfully completed Ryterna modul fishing tournament. We are glad, that in these tournaments we can invite our partners and families, it’s like get together once in a while party. This year we had the biggest number of participants ever and we a glad, as we can be assured that what we are doing is going in the right direction. Here are some pictures and brief story about what happened.

To add more, we were invited to one of the partners’ event to test our skills at go-karts and oh boy it was fun!

Ryterna modul fishing tournament

Our morning started early at 8.00AM all our fishermen there ready to catch the biggest fish and catch as much fish as they could trough 4 hour tournament. First everything seemed fine, but later on, rain started to fall and 0.5 hours left to the final call most of the fishermen came back as they could not stand the rain any longer.

Ryterna modul fishing tournament

But later on, weather decided to change and every one tried to enjoy the sun and swim in the lake.

Ryterna modul fishing tournament

Eventually after a long day, we came back from the lake to enjoy dinner and to hear the tournament winners announced.

Ryterna modul fishing tournament

Ryterna modul fishing tournament

Ryterna modul fishing tournament



Ryterna Modul Mototourism Rally 2017

Ryterna modul Mototourism Rally

After a success of previous year Mototourism Rally event our company is proud to be a main sponsor in this year’s event too. We are very happy to see that this event grows every year and attracts more and more participants, gains more attention and best of all improves culture between motorcycle owners/riders and car drivers, as well as, improves our cultural understanding about our country, its past, traditions and the things we appreciate the most. If by any chance you are able to take part in Mototourism Rally (no matter if it’s by motorcycle or car) please do so, you will be amazed!

Worth to mention, this rally is not about your speed, and driving skills, it's quite opposite, it's about your planning and abilities to cover the biggest number of points in shortest time and kilometres possible. And most of all it's about curiosity and passion to find new things!


Ryterna modul Architectural Challange 2016 CODE: Restaurant


Winners of our Challange 2016

Finally, the day that all of you have been waiting for. Today is the day then we will present to you our third international competition winners! First, of all we would like to say thank you for all of you amazing people – participants and jury, who put thought and energy into this competition, without you our competition would litteraly fail. We are very happy to have participants from all around the globe bringing different ideas, viewpoints to our competition objectives each year.

Now about the winning projects:

Together with our jury members Aivaras Vozgirdas, Andrius Orlovas, Donatas Cesiulis, Elisa Nicoletto, Giacomo Caputo, Ignas Uogintas, Kęstutis Vaikšnoras  on last Friday we selected the winner works for this year challenge – restaurant. Selecting first place winner was quite easy, it was ranked high in all jury evaluations and was ranked in first or second position in all reviews giving no chance to other works, and it was the first such monogamous decision from our jury members in all of these three years time!

Second place was ranked lower in place rankings, but was found in majority of jury reviews, key element of that project was architecture, its looks and feel.

Third place was debated between two projects, one which showed a completely different approach to modular buildings and how it was designed, one of our jury members named it as a brain spill – opening your head and spilling all of your ideas into one sheet of paper, there was so much going on in a single sheet of paper! The other project, was very realistic, down to earth, just take it and build it right know approach, which has ability to be easily adapted to different situations. Yet we decided to stay with the first project, we wanted to encourage nontraditional thinking and this way hopefully to fuel future creativity in architecture as life doesn’t follow strict rules all of the time.
But just as a last year we would like to highlight honorable mention, a project that came very close to a third place.

Projects that won:

Link to VIDEO

Ryterna modul architectural Challnge 2016 Code: Restaurant

1st place – Foodhouse (LT) - Milda Naujalyte, Arminas Sadzevicius

2nd place – Cloud (BG) - Toska Kalinova, Vladimir Enchev

3rd place – AMF11317 (CA) - Suhaib Bhatti

Ryterna modul - Food House / Restaurant

Ryterna modul - Cloud / Restaurant

Ryterna modul - AMF11317 / Restaurant


Honorable mention:  9876543210 – Magic box (PL) - Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik
Ryterna modul - Magic box / Restaurant


Let's meet our winners!

First place: Milda Naujalytė ir Arminas Sadzevičius

They both work and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both architects graduated and received their Master’s degree in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Milda currently works for Henning Larsen, Arminas for Adept, besides work there they have their own personal projects that they are working on, one of the projects was this Ryterna modul Competition

You can take a look at the portfolios of their works here:

Their opinion about project and this competition:

"This competition is a good chance to take a creative approach at modular construction. Our offered solution highlights esthetics of modular units instead of hiding it. Project joins functional scheme and clear iconic form. One special roof element allows to create special interior space and lighting."


Second place: Toska Kalinova and Vladimir Enchev

Winners currently are 5th Year Architecture Students in VSU Luben Karavelov – Sofia, Bulgaria. As they say "We get well with communicating, teamwork and almost everything." Furthermore they are both currently working/doing internship, but in different Architectural Studios.

You can take a look at the portfolios of their works here:




Third Place: Suhaib Bhatti

He is currently at the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture, where works as a Research assistant for the Buoyant Foundation Project, a teaching assistant for advanced visualizations and analysis, and working towards completing a Master's research and design thesis. He previously worked in Toronto as an urban designer, and Holland as an architecture and urban design intern. His design interests are widespread, but can be summarized as non-traditional visualization, mapping, and contemporary urban & water issues. His personal urban research and design work can be found at Outsider Spatial Design.

You can take a look at his portfolio here

His opinion about project and this competition:
"I took this year's challenge as an opportunity to speak about the ways in which modular, industrialized buildings can maintain meaningful relationships specific to the location in which they are deployed. Oftentimes when we think of modular, or pre-fabricated the mind tends towards thinking of mass-produced concepts: repeatable forms that have more to do with manufacturing than with the site or an architectural intervention. Of course, this is not the case: even a brick is a module, and what we can achieve with it is up to the architect's vision. In this same way, I was aiming to create my own modular language capable of mass-production like the brick, but also harnessing an inherent need for the architect to assemble the components in a meaningful way that responds to the specific conditions of the site. Hence the motto: meaningful, modular."

Thank you every body for joining our competition and we hope to see you next year!

Hello creative souls!

We are very happy to see so many of you interested in our competitions each year and that you cover such a diverse range of countries! A total of 63 countries are participating in our competition, bringing a total number of all participants to a whopping 461 people represented in 330 teams and individual participants!

All countries that are participating:

We believe that this year we will receive an amazing number of works, revealing your passion for architecture design, ideas and unconventional solutions for possible problems or ways on how to simplify some areas and maintain their appeal to customers.

Just to go ahead of your questions regarding Project ID number, this number is given to project by you, we will not send any ID numbers that are preassigned to your entry. So you can use any combination of letters and/or number to name your project.

Be sure to like our Facebook page and/or LinkedIn to be sure not to miss our next year competition.

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location files: DXF and PDF

if you filled our questionnaire you are in our competition, there is no separate email confirming this.


We are very proud to announce our third international competition for architects - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2016 CODE: Restaurant

We worked hard to give you something interesting to participate in and to add more, we even searched for possible investors ahead of competition, so this year we will have a possible investor sitting side-by-side with us and giving his vote (together with other jury members) to select best architectural work from all of the works presented by you.

To go on, even more good news, on our Jury you will find last year competition winner Elisa Nicolletto and two time 3rd place winner in our competition Donatas Cesiulis! This time they will be working together with other experienced architects, company CEO and Investor on selecting the best 3 works.

The AIM of this year challenge is to present a restaurant build from modules. And this year, all the participants have to work on one single area, and we have specified there the area is, so please be aware of this and download necessary file to work on.


The best 3 works will be awarded in cash prizes:
1st place – 1 000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 250 EUR

Here are the dates to be aware of:

  • End of registration - 2016 October 31st
  • Submission of the final work - 2016 November 28th 23:59 EET/UTC+2h
  • Competition results announcement: 2016 December 16th

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location files: DXF and PDF


For the ones that are curios, what has happened in previous competitions you could take a look at them here: Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015 and Competition for architects 2014


Informational partner: Ryterna modul